Rumors About Pregnancy of Arbaaz Khan’s Second Wife Shura Khan, Know Full Report

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Rumors About Pregnancy of Arbaaz Khan's Second Wife Shura Khan
Rumors About Pregnancy of Arbaaz Khan’s Second Wife Shura Khan (Image Source: Instagram/@arbaazkhanofficial)

Looks like little giggles are about to echo in the Khan family once again. A big good news is about to come from the Khan family. 56-year-old Arbaaz Khan can become a father very soon. The news of his second wife Shura Khan’s pregnancy has come to light. Arbaaz and Shura themselves have given air to this news. Shura and Arbaaz got married in December last year. Only seven months have passed since their marriage and this good news has come out.

Arbaaz and Shura were recently spotted outside a maternity clinic in Mumbai. Shura was holding the hospital pouch in his hand. When the media asked Shura and Arbaaz if there was any good news, Shura shyly went ahead. Arbaaz also did not give any answer to this. After seeing Arbaaz and Shura outside the hospital, people speculate that both will become parents soon.

Shura is about 25 years younger than Arbaaz. Both of them suddenly decided to get married after dating for a year. Arbaaz did not let anyone know about Shura. Arbaaz and Shura met on the sets of the film Patna Shukla. Shura Raveena Tandon’s hair is stylish. Arbaaz lost his heart on Shura’s nature and then both of them started dating each other.

Arbaaz and Shura are both divorced, but now it seems that Shura will give the good news very soon. At the age of 56, Arbaaz is going to enjoy the happiness of a child once again. If Arbaaz becomes a father at the age of 56, a new record will be created in Bollywood. Because till now no actor has become a father at this age. Now this record is in the name of Sanjay Dutt who became a father at the age of 51 through his third wife Manyata Dutt. What would you say? Please give us your opinion on this in the comments.

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