Payal is not Armaan Malik’s First Wife: Know the Name of Armaan Malik’s First Wife and Public Reaction

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Payal is not Armaan Malik's first wife
Payal is not Armaan Malik’s first wife (Image Source: Instagram/@armaan__malik9)

Armaan Malik, a famous YouTuber and contestant on Bigg Boss OTT 3, is a sensation on social media. Armaan often grabs attention due to his personal life, making him a frequent topic of discussion. Armaan is always in the news because of his two happy and beautiful wives. These days Armaan is seen in Bigg Boss OTT with both his wives and people like to see his unique relationship with both his wives.

Many people might not know that Payal is not Armaan’s first wife. When Armaan was 17, he married a girl named Sumitra. Before Payal Malik, Armaan Malik’s first wife was Sumitra. Last year, in a blog, Payal and Kritika confirmed the rumors of Armaan’s first marriage with a girl and how both of them were not able to live in that relationship and hence decided to separate. A clip of the same is going viral on the internet in which Payal revealed that she knew about her husband Armaan’s first wife.

Payal had also said that first of all, let me tell you that Armaan’s first marriage took place at the age of 17. They both did not get along and separated. If I don’t get along with Armaan ji tomorrow, I will also separate. Who lives his whole life in a helpless relationship?

But let us tell you that as soon as the audience and people came to know that Mr. Armaan Malik has not one, not two but three wives, there was a shower of reactions and comments. While commenting, a user wrote that Armaan must now feel that it would have been better if he had not married twice because Payal herself has become a model. One wrote that Payal, Armaan, and her children were a complete family. Why did Kritika come in between? While one wrote, Cheating husband and sister.

Well, let us tell you that according to a report, the voice recording of Armaan Malik’s first wife Sumitra was leaked. The heated argument between the two was visible in the recording as Armaan was shouting and had always helped her. However, now Armaan Malik is with both his wives in the Bigg Boss house and fans are also liking his bonding with these two wives.

For now, please comment quickly and tell me which of these two you like Armaan best. That’s all in this article for now. Please stay connected with us to see more such interesting stories.

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