Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan? Know why “Bado Badi” song went viral on social media.

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Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?
Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?

Aaye Haaye Hoye Hoye Bado Badi You must be wondering what is this. This is the song that is going viral on social media these days and this song is getting less praise but it is being trolled more. Who is the singer of the song and which song is the recreation of it, we will know in this article.

Music is that which adds sweetness to the ears. Despite this, in the changing times, some songs are played whose lyrics are not understood properly and one such song is becoming popular on social media these days, which has been sung by a Pakistani singer. But is this song as melodious as it is becoming popular? You can answer this by commenting in the comment box.

Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan and what is his Background?

Here we are talking about the singer of this song who is becoming famous by the name Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. Now after hearing the name, you will feel that this Pakistani singer will be from the family of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. But it is not so at all. This gentleman neither comes from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s family nor any music family. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan real name is Kashif Rana, he was born in Lahore.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan (Kashif Rana) played for the Lahore cricket team in 1983-84. Kashif, who completed his studies at the School of Economics, also played a lot of cricket in the UK. Staying at home during the Covid period, he started making videos of his songs which gradually started becoming hits. Due to this, he started getting recognition by the name of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Popular Songs

Kashif Rana’s songs Lota, Lota, Chor Chor, Gol Katora also became very popular. He had composed a lovely PSL song for Pakistan’s IPL i.e. PSL which was a huge hit. Because of Chahat’s songs, their songs have a specialty because the tunes and videos of the songs are also very simple. After getting recognition, Chahat started getting invitations for award functions and stage shows and also started singing at wedding parties. He charges up to ₹8 lakh for a two-hour performance. He says that he had received 28 proposals for a live show, but he had refused because he was married. Currently, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has once again become a social media sensation with this song.

About the Song “Bado Badi”

That song is “Bado Badi” which is not only her creation but is a recreation of the song “Akh Larhi Bado Badi” from the 1973 Pakistani film Banarasi Thug, which Noor Jehan song. The song Bado Badi is Chahat’s biggest hit, which has received 15 million views on YouTube and more than 3 lakh reels have been made on Instagram.

Social Media Reaction

Even though reels are being made on the song, this song is being made fun of and trolled on social media. A lot of memes are being made on this song and if we read the comments, it becomes clear that there are more trollers than fans.

Actress in the Video

The name of the actress with whom Chahat has shot the song is Wajdhan Rao Ranghar. Wajdhan says that after this song his career was ruined. Now people are asking why this song was done.

There is a saying that age is 55, the heart is childhood. After watching the video of 56-year-old Chahat Fateh Ali Khan alias Kashif Rana, do tell us in the comment box how much you agree with this saying. That’s all for today’s article. Please tell us how you liked the article.

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