Natasa Stankovic Owns 70% of Hardik Pandya’s Property After Divorce: The Truth Behind Viral Contract

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Natasa Stankovic Owns 70% of Hardik Pandya's Property After Divorce
Natasa Stankovic Owns 70% of Hardik Pandya’s Property After Divorce | Image Source: Instagram/@hardikpandya93

Hardik Pandya is getting trapped in his own decisions one after the other. He was selected as the captain of Mumbai Indians, after which he was trolled a lot. Now his personal life is also in great danger. There are reports that his wife Natasha Stankovic is getting divorced from him. At the same time, she will take 70% of Hardik Pandya’s total property. How did this situation come about and the way people were seen supporting Hardik Pandya on social media, let us tell you in this article.

Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya is currently experiencing a difficult period. First, their team was out of IPL 2024 with poor performance and now their house is about to collapse. According to media reports, Pandya and his wife Natasa Stankovic are going to divorce. However, there has been no official information released about this. Neither of them has come and confirmed this themselves yet.

Reports are coming that Natasha will take 70% of Pandya’s property. No information regarding divorce has been given by Pandya or Natasha. Pandya and Natasha were not seen together for a long time. Both of them last shared a photo on Instagram on February 14. However, after this, both were seen together in a video of a function. But now the news of divorce has gained momentum.

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According to the report, Pandya will have to give 70% of his property to Natasha. Many posts regarding this are also being shared on social media. Hardik Pandya owns property worth several crores. Along with the match fees received for IPL, he earns money in many other ways. Hardik Pandya is a player for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. He gets ₹15 crore as a fee from the team. He was earlier a part of Gujarat Titans. The Gujarat team also used to pay the same amount of money to Pandya. Along with this, he also gets match fees from the Indian cricket team. Pandya has earnings in crores. In addition, Hardik Pandya also earns money from brand endorsements.

One user even calculated on social media how much his wife Natasha will take. He wrote, that if Hardik Pandya’s total net worth is ₹ 165 crore, then Natasha will get ₹ 115 crore. The same amount is the trade cost of Hardik Pandya 15 crores official plus 100 crores unofficial, his wife took away all the money he had earned.

Let us tell you, that Hardik Pandya has taken an apartment in Mumbai. According to media reports, its price is ₹30 crore. Along with this, he has a penthouse in Vadodara. Its price is also in crores. But after the divorce, Pandya’s condition may worsen. People were also seen supporting Hardik on this. One user wrote, where was the lack left, brother, everything was mixed and 70% of the property was left bankrupt. Another user wrote that 70 percent property is to be transferred to Natasha Sen. They have confirmed their divorce today I Don’t Think this is the right deal. 70% of the property is substantially too much.

Hardik must have earned it with a lot of hard work and now she will go away. Another user wrote Hardik Pandya’s model wife Natasha has decided to end their marriage. it is also speculated that as per their agreement, Hardik Pandya will transfer 70% worth to Natasha. hence it’s proven girls are gold diggers. Another wrote Natasha Stankovic will get 70% of Hardik Pandya’s property!! Imagine giving it all for your country and in return you got betrayed by your loved ones. That’s all in this article for now.


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