20 interesting facts about Fahadh Faasil, who was in the news for his acting in the film Aavesham

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Interesting Facts About Fahadh Faasil
Interesting Facts About Fahadh Faasil

Superstar of Malayalam cinema who despite not being very successful in his initial days, did not give up and made a place for himself in the industry. Fahadh’s father Faasil is a famous director who cast Fahadh in his first film. But the film did not do very well. At that time Fahadh was 19 years old. Fahadh understood from his failure to succeed at an early age that it is challenging to achieve success in any field without sufficient preparation. Fahadh accepted this and exited the film industry to continue his education in America. subsequently, with his comeback, he made a distinct impact on the film industry. Let us know some interesting Facts about Fahadh Faasil.

20 Interesting Facts About Fahadh Faasil

1. Fahadh Faasil’s simplicity and his acting have shown a new direction to cinema. Seeing his acting, people believe that even when Fahadh is standing quietly at some place, his eyes are acting at that time.

2. Fahadh is one of those actors who neither has a six-pack body nor promotes his style by wearing very nice and attractive clothes. Because of his simplicity and his acting skills, he made his name in the industry and has so many fans today.

3. Looking at Fahadh, it never seems that he belongs to such a strong background in the industry. Fahadh’s father has been a very good director and producer. He has made a huge contribution to Malayalam cinema. In this way, Fahadh has grown up with a film background since childhood.

4. One advantage of Fahadh’s film background was that he did not have to struggle much for his first film and when he was 19 years old, he got his first film. Its director was his father and the name of the film was Kaiyethum Doorath. The film was released in the year 2002 in which Fahadh was cast as the lead actor for the first time. Earlier, he had appeared as a child actor in a film for his father. But that role was not big enough to notice Fahadh. Kaiyethum Doorath was Fahadh’s first film but this film did not work and Fahadh’s acting career got a setback as soon as it started.

5. Fahadh was criticized a lot because his acting was not good in this film. Acting is given utmost importance in Malayalam cinema and Fahadh was targeted a lot due to lack of acting in his first film. There were many articles about him in many magazines. Fahadh was not ready to handle so many things at such a young age and he left acting and decided to complete his studies.

6. Fahad knew that if he wanted to make a career in the field of acting, then he would have to develop skills for that and yet he is not ready to step into the world of acting. He completely agrees with the fact that the entire responsibility for the flop of the film is his because he entered the field of acting without any preparation and there is no fault of his father in the flop of the film.

7. When Fahadh was in college, there was a shop near the college from where Fahadh and his friends always bought cassettes of Hindi and Malayalam films and used to watch the films. During that time, once he watched a movie. What happens if you do this? After seeing Irrfan Khan’s acting, he became a fan of his acting. Fahadh had seen a film by Irrfan Khan for the first time. But seeing such simplicity in his acting, he felt that if acting is to be done then it should be like this. After that Fahadh tried acting like Irrfan. He was not so good at studies, so he left his engineering studies in the third year and concentrated on his acting. Read Also Babil Khan Net Worth

8. Fahadh returned to India after seven years. By then, all the news related to his 2002 flop film which was much talked about at that time, had disappeared. People had no expectations at all from Fahadh and Fahadh said that it proved to be a good thing for him because in such a situation he had no pressure of any kind as to what he had to do.

9. At that time Fahadh was offered a film Kerala Cafe which was made into a complete film by combining 10 stories. Among these 10 stories, he also had a short film named Mrityunjayam. He had a small role in this film and did not play the lead role in this film. His acting in this film was very good and people liked Fahadh’s film in these short films and also praised his acting. After this, Fahadh appeared in many more films in normal roles.

10. In the year 2011, Fahadh’s film Chaappa Kurishu which people liked very much. This was an A-rated film where Fahadh also had some intimate scenes. The story of this film revolves around a person where Fahadh’s character loses his phone and now he fears that if this phone comes into someone’s hands then the matter of their affair will come to light. People liked this film and Fahadh’s acting in the film and this film also made good collections. After this Fahadh was offered many films. In the year 2012, he did 4 films. After doing these films, Fahadh’s acting started getting noticed a lot and in the year 2013, he did a total of 12 films, breaking all the records. In this way, he finally made a comeback in the world of acting.

11. Fahadh also received the first Filmfare nomination of his career for the 2011 film Chaappa Kurishu. This film acted as a career changer for Fahadh and after this, he did many films back to back. In the year 2013, when Fahadh did 12 films in one year, he also experimented with his character in all these films. His character was different in each of his films and it is a big thing for any actor that he is doing 12 films in a year. As soon as each film was released, Fahadh’s fan following was increasing and he was being discussed everywhere in the media.

12. Fahadh brought a new era in the Malayalam industry, inspiring many new actors. Talking about the biggest film of Fahadh’s career, the 2016 film Maheshinte Prathikaaram did a business of Rs 38 crore on its budget of Rs 3 crore. After signing this film, Fahadh refused many films because he was sure about this film. An interesting thing about this film is that after the release of the film, Fahad himself went to the theater to watch this film. The audience liked this style of Fahadh very much.

13. His 2017 film Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum is considered one of Fahadh’s best Malayalam films. Fahadh plays the character of a thief in this film. It is shown in this film that a newly married couple is going somewhere, during which a gold chain is stolen from the girl’s neck on the bus. This film won three awards and Fahadh also won the National Award for Best Supporting Actor.

14. Talking about Fahadh’s personal life, he married Malayalam actress Nazriya Nazim on 21 August 2014. They have also done films together. They have also been seen together in the film Trance.

15. Fahadh also has his own production company, which is known as Fahadh Faasil and Friends. From this production house, Fahadh wants to bring such films that most of the producers refuse to produce. Films like Kumbalangi Nights and C U Soon have been released from his production house. The audience has also liked these films very much.

16. Fahadh played a different character in Kumbalangi Nights. Many actors had refused to do this role but Fahadh agreed to do this role. This was the character of a person who had some mental issues. And that’s why many actors refused to do films considering their image. But later Fahad himself played this role and the audience also praised his acting a lot. If you have seen this film, then please write your experience in the comments and tell us how you liked the film. Also, comment about Bharat’s acting and tell us how you like his acting in this film.

17. The film Trance was released in the year 2020 in which Fahadh is seen as a motivational speaker. Many forms of Fahadh can be seen in this film. Fahadh was the lead actor in this film and this film was the biggest and most expensive film of Fahadh’s career. Where the budget for the film was 35 crores, which is a very big budget for the field of Malayalam film industry. The film was liked by the audience but did not do well at the box office and the film did a business of around Rs 20 crores and thus failed at the box office.

18. In the story of Fahadh’s acting career, Irrfan Khan was his inspiration and Fahadh was also a big fan of Irrfan. After Irrfan’s death, Fahadh shared a note in which he said that he was a big fan of Irrfan but could not meet him even after several attempts.

19. In Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa, which ruled the hearts of the audience, Fahadh played the role of a villain, which the fans liked a lot. Fahadh acted very well even in a negative role and the audience liked his new style very much. You also write in the comment box and tell us how you liked Fahadh’s acting in the film Pushpa.

20. After that, he made a special place for himself in the hearts of millions of people with his acting in the 2022 films Vikram, Malayankunju and the 2023 films Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum, Dhoomam, and Maamann. The audience is impressed by his acting. The recently released 2024 film Aavesham is also in the news among the audience and media.

So in this way, you have got some interesting information about your favorite actor. Please write in the comment box and tell us which was Fahadh’s best film. Which was his character that could not stop you from becoming a fan of Fahadh? Also, you have seen many of his films. Just mention in the comment box, that’s all in this article. If you want to know more interesting facts about your favorite actor or actress, then please tell me in the comment box.

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