Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend Saba Azad’s big revelation: Why is she not getting voiceover work after a Relationship?

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Hrithik Roshan's girlfriend Saba Azad's big revelation
Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend Saba Azad’s big revelation (Image Source: Instagram/@sabazad)

Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend Saba Azad has worked in many films and is also a singer. However, she became more popular after getting into a relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Saba has also been a voiceover artist but after getting into a relationship with Hrithik, she is not getting work.

As a voiceover artist, the actress has now shared her heartfelt feelings on social media. Saba earlier shared her video from a recording studio and wrote that she is back in her natural habitat, recording voiceover. After two years, yes you will know why. So many of you may know and many may not. But I have been a voiceover artist. I have worked in 100 ads. Being a voiceover artist is one of my three careers and I have received very good response for it. I have collaborated with numerous directors and lent my voice to a variety of high-quality advertisements. Imagine, from doing six or eight voiceovers a month, there came a time when I didn’t have even one.

Saba wrote, One day I woke up and realized that months had passed. I was recorded. After this, the months turned into years. Saba further said that when she asked the director why don’t call me for voiceover, he said we thought that you would not want to do voiceover. Saba herself then told me that the reason why she is not called for voice-over is because she feels that if I am dating someone then I will not do this work anymore. Saba said that she has to put food on her table and if she will not be given work just because of people’s opinion then it is very wrong. Therefore, I want to reiterate that I have not given up on my voice-over career.

About Saba, let us tell you that she started her career as a theater artist. He is also a musician. Recently, Saba appeared in Amazon’s mini-series “Who’s Your Gynac?” which gained notable visibility. Now she will be seen in Anurag Kashyap’s film, the name of which has not been finalized yet. For now, this is all in this article, please tell us what you would like to say about Saba by writing in the comment section.

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