Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Divorce Rumors Exposed as Fake by Reddit Users – Viral Reactions Shock Everyone

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Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Divorce Rumors Exposed as Fake by Reddit Users
Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Divorce Rumors Exposed as Fake by Reddit Users (Image Source: Instagram/@hardikpandya93)

The news of the divorce of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic turned out to be false. The claims made by users on the social media platform Reddit will surprise you. People have said that this has been done only to correct the image of Hardik Pandya. This is a PR stunt that their PR team has managed. Let us show you the truth of what is going on between Hardik Pandya and his wife.

Why are people doubting this? As you know, Hardik Pandya’s image was not good in the entire season of the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL. Neither his performance nor his captaincy was good. After this his image got spoiled a lot and people trolled him a lot. But now another big news related to him is coming out. According to the news, the news of the divorce of Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasha is being said to be false. Star Indian cricketer and captain of the Mumbai team in IPL 2024 Hardik Pandya is in the news these days regarding the news of his divorce from his wife Natasha. Hardik married Natasha in the year 2020. Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic also have a three-year-old son, Agastya. But suddenly a few days ago news came that Hardik is going to divorce his wife and he will have to give 70% of his property to Natasha.

Let us tell you that Natasha and Hardik are not getting divorced. All this has been done only for publicity. We are not saying this but it is being claimed in a Reddit post. No statement has been issued yet by Natasha and Hardik Pandya on these reports of divorce. In such a situation, it is being claimed on the Reddit post that both of them have done all this for publicity. All this is the work of Hardik Pandya’s PR team which gave rise to this false news. A user himself has claimed this in a Reddit post. Let us tell you in this article what the user has written.

One user wrote “Probably fake news”.

They have spread these fake rumors so that they can get the property to make up for the tarnished image after IPL. Neither Natasha nor Hardik have confirmed that they are getting divorced. Even when the paparazzi asked Natasha, she ignored him.

One user wrote, why am I seeing this? Was this a PR stunt among people related to cricket for which a lot of hard work was done so that people sympathize with Hardik Pandya and his image gets cleaned, it is so suspicious.

Another person wrote that it seemed this was fake news that was spread to clean up Hardik’s image.

One user wrote Celebs do it to get back into the news. Remember, Priyanka Chopra had also removed Jonas’s nickname. Even then such things were discussed.

One wrote that no proof has yet surfaced to show that both are getting a divorce. Neither Hardik nor his wife has confirmed this. Either this is a PR stunt to gain sympathy, If so then it is quite bad.

For now, these were the claims of the people. What would you like to say, please let us know by writing in the comment section.


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