Katrina Kaif Returns to India from England After 3 Months, Pregnancy Revealed at the Airport

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Katrina Kaif Returns to India from England After 3 Months, Pregnancy Revealed at the Airport
Katrina Kaif Returns to India from England After 3 Months, Pregnancy Revealed at the Airport (Image Source: Instagram/@katrinakaif)

Katrina, who returned to India from London after three months, was seen at the airport wearing a long black coat. Katrina shocked her fans as soon as she came to Mumbai, Vicky’s wife’s baby bump was seen missing! Katrina has a little guest coming to Vicky’s house. Katrina is pregnant at the age of 40! Katrina is nowhere to be seen due to pregnancy! Katrina Kaif will give birth to her child in London! Similar news was coming about Mrs. Kaushik for the last two months. But in one stroke Katrina Kaif dashed all these claims. Katrina Kaif is not pregnant. Katrina Kaif has returned from her parents’ home to Mumbai after two months and her baby bump was not visible to anyone at the airport, leaving many of her fans disappointed.

Actually, Katrina was seen at Mumbai airport late at night on 8th June. The actress has returned to India from England after a long time. Earlier she was seen at the airport on 24 March. Katrina Kaif has returned to Mumbai after spending a long time in her native London. During this, she was seen wearing an all-black outfit with a loose shirt, trousers, and a coat. The daughter-in-law of the Kaushal family had tied her shirt in front of her stomach. Katrina was wearing black colored shoes to complete her airport look. Also, she was seen wearing black glasses on her eyes. When Katrina returned after a long time and did not look pregnant, social media users showered comments. The video of Katrina returning from England is also going viral on social media and various types of comments are coming on it.

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Many things are being seen in Katrina’s video. If you look at it, since coming to Bollywood, Katrina has never spent such a long time in London, and by doing this she has forced people to think that maybe she is pregnant. On May 16, Katrina had given a wish to hubby Vicky Kaushal on his birthday. The actress had posted three pictures that day. They had posted three days and three cakes on social media and then people thought that the couple was going from 2 to 3. Ever since Katrina’s marriage, there has been talk of good news in Katrina and Vicky’s house. Recently Katrina was seen in London. At that time he was wearing an oversized jacket.

In the picture, the actress was seen roaming on the streets in London. Seeing her dress, people started saying that the baby bump of the actress was visible. Katrina stayed in London for a long time and people were even saying that the actress would also deliver her child. Two and a half years have passed since the marriage of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal. The couple had a royal wedding in Rajasthan with great pomp on 9 December 2021. The actress is 40 years old. Katrina is very fond of children. In her old interviews, Katrina used to say that she would become a mother at the age of 35. Well, she has crossed five years of age. In such a situation, all the fans of Katrina wish that the couple would become 2 to 3 as soon as possible.


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