Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal arrested for kidnapping: Who is Rajat Dalal, his life story and net worth

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Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal arrested for kidnapping
Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal arrested for kidnapping (Image Source: Instagram/@rajat_962)

Rajat Dalal, who resolved the fight between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern and created a friendship between them, is now himself in trouble. Yes, he has been arrested. After all, why has the police arrested him? Will tell you in this article. Will also tell who is Rajat Dalal? Everything will be revealed from his personal life to his net worth.

Bodybuilder and Instagram influencer Ajay Dalal has been arrested for kidnapping and ill-treatment of a student. It is alleged that Rajat Dalal, after kidnapping the student, had applied cow dung on his face and forced him to clean the bathroom. Apart from this, he also did an obscene act like urinating on the student’s face and also assaulted him. This incident came to light when the victim student shared a video with Rajat Dalal on social media.

According to reports, a student from the Sabarmati area of ​​Ahmedabad lodged a complaint of kidnapping and assault against Rajat Dalal at Sabarmati police station. According to the police, in his complaint, the student was told that a month ago Rajat Dalal had gone to a gym as a guest, where the student took a selfie with him. Rajat Dalal came to the gym to give exercises and classes. A few days ago, while posting a video on social media, the student said that every morning seeing Rajat Dalal’s face in the gym breaks my heart. Angered by this, Rajat Dalal called the student to the gym and asked for his address. After this Rajat told the student that he was waiting outside his society. When the student went to meet him, Rajat Dalal kidnapped him.

After the kidnapping, the student was taken to Jagatpur Greens Gal Society, where he was abused and forced to sit in the common plot. After this, they took the student to the cow shed in Chandkheda where cow dung was applied to his face. While recording the video, he was beaten with slippers. Rajat Dalal threatened the student and said how dare you make my video. I will tear you to pieces and I will not spare you. At present the student has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Talking about Rajat Dalal, Rajat is a famous fitness influencer on social media. Rajat is recognized as a social media powerlifter. Rajat remains in the news for his extreme fitness videos. Apart from this, in recent times he has also been in controversies due to many news.

Talking about Rajat Dalal’s network, he comes in the category of India’s social media influencer and trainer with the highest net worth among weight lifters. Rajat Dalal’s total net worth as of 2024 is around ₹20 crore. Let us tell you that Rajat Dalal lives in Faridabad, Haryana. His age is only 28 years. For now, this is the only hope in this article that you would have liked this information.

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